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Unabashed Bliss: 5 Minutes to Happy


Not only bliss but Unabashed Bliss is an all-encompassing superlative form of happiness that allows you to live a life full of gratitude and abundance. 

This book will show you how to turn on your joy and increase your abundance with easy to follow practices of gratitude that can lead you to a State of Unabashed Bliss.

Make It Stop: Get A Grip and Get A Life

Do you feel like your life has lost its meaning? 

Are you stressed and overwhelmed all the time? 

Feel like you are living in chaos, out of control of even the small things in life? 

If you answered yes, this book is for you! It will help you calm the chaos, stop the madness, and restore your sanity.

Fable of Two Stars: A Twin Flame Love Story

Created out of love, separated by jealousy, and plunged into different worlds; two stars become lost. This is their story.

Pluto called them Split Aparts. In Gaelic they are known as Anam Cara. In Judaism they are called Bashert. You may know them as Soul Mates, Twin Flames, or Twin Souls. Whatever the name they are two halves of one soul. Each one filled with a nameless longing, searching for the other across, distance, time, and space.

Coming Soon

Create Orgasmic Partnership: Gain Ultimate Intimacy with Tantra

Is your marriage headed towards the bumpy side of life? 

Have you sworn with all the belief in you that no matter how many stories you had heard about others’ marriages, yours was going to be magical?

 If so, here’s a chance to keep that promise.

Break Free Barbie: Revenge Body

About a TV actress in Hollywood whose husband TV producer cheats on her she she catches him. She is hurt and angry and wants revenge so she decides to hit him in the wallet and since he makes money off her and so she gains 40 pounds to try to hurt him but she gains wild success in the process. It back fires on her and the more as she might to hurt him the more popular and loved she gets.

Sacred Travel for the Actor and other Creative Souls

Finding the keys to your creativity, ultimate performances works of art and masterpieces of creation inside the power portals on the planet

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